Packaging & Labelling

Packaging & Labelling of the product takes care of journey of the product after being manufactured in unpacked form till the same reaches to the customer. It is also concerned with “how a customer should feel when he /she open the packet containing the product?” which we call creating “defining moments”.

Defining Moments

Defining moment is the “wow factor” for the customer, which thrills, impresses, delights him / her when he / she unwraps the packet and see the product. These are the same feelings when we open the gift packet anxiously and finally see the gift after some hustle & bustle.

Organisations take extra care to create these defining moments especially for exclusive / premium products since they know that these would create permanent customers, repeat orders and referrals. Packaging plays a very important role in creating such moments.

Organisation’s efforts in this direction could be termed as ‘pampering the customers’. Organisation may choose some of these practices for premium customers who give repeat orders.

Practices to create such moments

    • Alongwith product’s sale
        • Ensuring good packaging of goods and advising how to open the package;
        • Advising how the product can be used better by suggesting alternative usages by other customers;
        • Packaging small gifts / coloured thermo-balls alongwith goods to delight the customers → who doesn’t like more gifts coupled with surprises?
    • Post-sale
        • Providing delivery status of product over mobile SMS or email, etc.;
        • Enquiring the customers about how he / she found the product and organisation’s services in delivering the product;
        • Capturing customer’s suggestions, feedbacks for improvement → informing the customers when their suggestions implemented;
        • Inviting customers’ experience with usage of product and sharing the same through advertisements OR putting small experience leaflet alongwith product OR sharing on the organisation’s website, etc.;
        • Selecting the customer for product campaign at random;
        • Inviting customer for product launch and giving personal attention;
        • Conveying birthday / anniversary greetings of customer and close family members.

Purpose of Packaging & Labelling (How to pack?)

    • Labels
        • Identification marks
            • Putting unique marks on the labels to identify fakes of products in the market;
            • Using technology as discussed in “important developments in the Packaging function”.
        • Abiding the local laws
            • Following local laws by displaying information on product labels regarding ingredients, date of manufacturing, expiry date, price, weight, manufacturer’s / importer’s name, lot number, vegetarian / non-vegetarian, etc.
    • Box packaging
        • Instructions for using the product
            • Describe instructions and precautions;
            • How the product is to be used and what needs to be avoided while using the product, etc.?
        • Packing guaranties & warranties documents
        • Ensuring no en-route loss
            • Securing the product in a box in such manner that can withstand any type of mishandling of packet in the journey to customer.
        • Instructions outside the box
            • Describe the instructions for handling clearly outside the box like upside-down; avoid load; avoid water, eatables, etc.;
            • Use pictures instead of words → everybody can understand the pictures.

Deliverables (i.e. expectations from the Packaging)

    • No product loss till goods reach the customer;
    • Customer happy with the packaging of the goods → bringing the feeling of appreciation towards organisation;
    • Customer able to start using the goods hassle-free by reading instruction manual;

Important developments in the Packaging function

    • Automation in Packaging & labelling
        • Automation brings uniformity in weights, standardisation, least packaging loss, faster delivery of products to customers, etc.;
        • Facilitates packing of the goods as per customers’ orders → flexible production line → less inventory;
        • E.g. Siemens has fully automated packaging solutions.
        • Also, read the implementation paper at Coca-Cola bottling plant.
    • Developments in the packaging industry can also be studied in an article published by Packaging Digest explaining “7 key developments”;
    • Managing counterfeit
        • Building the codes in product label containing lot number, manufacturing date, location, etc.; and
        • Developing mobile application (Apps) to scan the label and checking whether the product is genuine

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