Administration department while remaining in the background plays an important role in facilitating lot of activities of an organisation. Be it lighting or air-conditioning or house-cleaning, there are whole lot of activities carried out by the department. The department’s contribution may appear to be insignificant but the department contributes in smooth functioning of all departments alongwith image building of the organisation.

Imagine visitors in the organisation and finding floors / washrooms, etc. not clean OR production stopped for long hours due to fault in generators. Certainly, these events would not create better feelings and better productivity.

Functions of the Department

Non-functioning of the department would result in lot of inconveniences within the organisation. Some of the department’s activities are to take care of:

    • Lighting requirement indoor & outdoor;
    • Maintenance of office premises indoor & outdoor;
    • Repair & maintenance of office machines including air-conditioners, furnishings, etc.;
    • Electric gazettes maintenance;
    • Machinery movement within premises;
    • Vehicle management, parking, security, repair & maintenance, etc.;
    • Security management of office premises during day and night, cross-checking security vigilance;
    • Generator management, its fuel, repair & maintenance, etc.;
    • Ticket management for office travel, looking for best offers, cancellation, postponement, etc.;
    • Greenery management indoor & outdoor;
    • Guest management from receiving, boarding, city movement, etc.;
    • Hotel booking management for employees moving to / coming from another city;
    • Whether the historic records are safe from rain water, pest, etc.?
    • Garbage management.

Security Management

    • An important function of Administration department → Vigilant Security management is important to prevent lot of losses / accidents;
    • Software data, proprietary information / documents, assets, etc. are very important for carrying out business operations;
    • During day-time
        • Visitors movement need to be managed & monitored to prevent unauthorised access;
        • Verification of purchase of goods & assets → whether quantity and description match vendors’ invoices → first department to prove inward movement of goods in the organisation’s premises;
        • Verification of outward movement of goods → whether authorised by the concerned department? → Only those goods moving out, which are described in the documents.
    • Large organisations don’t work 24 X 7 → vulnerability during off-office hours from outsiders looking for breaching security to get asset / information /document;
    • Lot of accidents (fire, electric short-circuit, etc.) do happen during these hours;
    • Separate checklists / procedures to be made for these hours.

Deliverables (i.e. expectations from the Department)

    • Smooth facility management with least disruption in organisation’s activities;
    • Ensuring hygienic surroundings;
    • Building organisation’s brand value of safe and best place to work;
    • Securing the organisation and its assets.

Important developments in the Administration function

    • Development of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software capable of tracking complaints status;
    • Development of mobile and internet for co-ordinating administrative activities carried throughout the organisation.

Traditional / Normal ways of working in Administration function

    • Maintenance of manual complaint register and Admin. Dept. resolving complaints by going through the register;
    • Admin. Dept. head moving in the organisation, locating the issues and resolving the same.

Conflicts (Inter-departmental) / Challenges with Administration function

    • Other department not giving due credit to Administration department.

Some of the Process Implementation for better Administration function

    • Complaint system
        • Generation of complaint number;
        • Tracking the progress of same;
        • Defining time within which the complaint needs to be resolved;
        • Escalation of complaint when it remained unresolved;
        • Feedback of user to capture for whether satisfied.
    • Activity calendar
        • The responsibility of the person needs to be defined;
        • Defining activities to be managed on regular basis;
        • Periodicity of carrying out those activities (weekly / monthly, etc.);
    • Checklist
        • Listing out the actions to be carried out for each activity to avoid confusion;
        • Deliverables of each activity to be defined (what would be visible after series of actions?);
        • Checklist once completed to be handed over to seniors for ensuring satisfactory completion of activity.
    • Inspection schedule
        • Defining periodic surprise inspection by seniors for ensuring the quality of activity;
        • Identifying areas to be included in activity calendar;
        • Resolving inconsistencies.
    • Suggestions, feedback and complaints of Administration department;
    • Security
        • Defining the extent of security verification;
        • Cross-verification of security procedures.

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