Are we Immortals?

We live thinking that we are ‘IMMORTALS’. But, are we?  Give a serious thought ……

Realization of this thought brings urgency in planning and actions.

What do we need to plan? What actions have remained extremely Urgent yet Pending? Why is so? —– We believe that we would be able to complete all of them in future.  Really !!!

Give a thinking about:

– What we always wanted to achieve and where we have reached in this journey?  —– {What stops me to complete the journey?}

– What is the future of our organisation once we as entrepreneurs are not there? Are we creating mortal organisation OR creating an organisation which would survive for generations? —- {Plan for Succession Plan; Create Leaders; Create Responsible Teams who believe in Organisation’s Vision}

– What do we want to see our organisation OR our family OR us after (say) 20 years? — {Time for action is Now}

“You only live once, and I just don’t want to waste a minute of my life.” Richard Branson

Prioritize. Focus on those actions which lead you towards your Future / Goals.

About Sandeep Garg

Contributing in organisations' growth-journey to build them stronger and healthier.
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