Is the spark to bring change still left?

Remember the day when you and I joined our first organisation immediately after college / professional course. The dreams we had were quite big. The changes we wanted to bring were also very big. We wanted to create revolution in the organisation and business community.

Over the years where do we stand today. Just spend few minutes to retrospect “What I have achieved till date?” “Whether I was learning in my journey?”; “Whether I was part of organisation / creation OR cynical about everything?” ; “Do I still want to bring change around us?”

Locate that spark which is still residing somewhere in us.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the World”

It’s me who is to start the process. Others would join.

Therefore, rise yourself and bring the change for betterment in the Processes of the Organisation which make us happier and satisfied alongwith our Customers. After-all, our organisations exist because of our Customers. If our customers are Happy, we would also be happy,.

About Sandeep Garg

Contributing in organisations' growth-journey to build them stronger and healthier.
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