Processes are important lifeline of any organisation. The Entrepreneur even after organising 4 Ms (Man, Machine, Money, Material) can’t work without 5th M, i.e. Method. Even the 6th M (Measurement) would work only when the Method is in place. Methods OR Processes are live-wires which connect the other 5 Ms. If we see these resources independently in an organisation-perspective, these are lifeless. Processes make them work towards achieving Organisation Goals / Objectives.

What we see around, we see only processes which make static objects work. Our day begins with a process and ends with a process. Every time, we carry a process. Life is a process, otherwise we are dead. Even Decision-making is a process.

Compare ‘Static Water’ with ‘River’.

River is always flowing. That’s the reason the water is always fresh. Similarly, unless processes are revitalized / given life regularly, they become stale and bottlenecks ultimately.

Successful Organisations / Leaders share the best practices / processes for others to learn. Great organisations & Gurus follow a time-tested processes for producing consistent results, which make them Great.

Excellence in whatever they do is an important attribute shared by them.

This website is dedicated towards “Healthy Processes – Growing Organisation’s Lifeline” wherein we will discuss about organisation’s functions (visible / invisible), risks, processes, process-improvement techniques, etc. in layman’s language. We have deliberately tried to avoid management’s jargons. The focus would be awareness alongwith effective implementation. 

The purpose for all these articles is to make a point that an Organisation consists of Visible departments and Invisible attributes. You would appreciate that all these are extremely important and can’t be ignored.

Entrepreneur has a very Important Role in building the organisation. It is he / she who creates rhythm among all 5Ms

Every organisation has its own culture of people and market in which it operates. There is no single piece formula behind its success. It is involvement of entire organisation on certain time-tested business practices, which make it click.

Business processes and their management is an ocean. We have just made an attempt in bringing the information together.We have touched each subject briefly from the “Process point-of view”. Objectivity is more important in understanding the entire subject.

You are invited to contribute on these functions. You may also contact with your views at sandeep.g.garg@gmail.com

We have made a sincere effort in achieving following goals:


      • Brief understanding of organisation’s departments /function & expectations from the same
      • Invisible elements to be managed by the organisation


      • Important developments in that function
      • Inter-departmental conflicts for resolution
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) / Single-page monitoring (Dashboards) / Benchmarks alongwith suggested approach / process implementations

5 Responses to Home

  1. laxmansga says:

    Business Process Re engineering is analysis and redesign of workflows and processes both within and between the organisations.
    The main focus of BPR is to obtain quantum Gains in the performance of the process in terms of time, cost output, quality, and responsiveness to customers throught the use of IT Systems.
    BPR starts all over, starting from scratch.

    • Sandeep Garg says:

      Well said !!! Normally, we as entrepreneurs perceive processes as static whereas everything around us including competition is dynamic. There is a constant need for continuous improvement in processes, which is re-engineering of processes (BPR).

      Create the processes which give best service / quality to the Customers with least waste at our end.

  2. Laxman Singh says:

    Be a Benchmarker for others….

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